Grow your retail sales faster with our solutions

Excellence at retail is critical to the success of your products. How you differentiate from competitors and appeal to customers in retail is key to winning the moment of truth at the shelf. Wired2Cloud offers a range of solutions to improve and optimise your store execution and to turbocharge your retail sales.

Image Recognition

Leading image recognition & mobile technologies

Extended Workforce

Extend your retail coverage via our outsourced workforce

Retail Experts

Retail experts to guide and assist you along the way

Retail Insights

Captured and integrated with your existing data

Trax Image Recognition

Wired2Cloud is a distributor of the Trax image recognition solutions– tools that help ensure execution, tools that provide accurate, objective information in real time. With Wired2Cloud retail execution solutions, you’ll receive information that helps you make more informed decisions, finetune strategy and tactics on-the-fly, and win where it counts… at the register.
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The sales rep stands in front of the shelf and takes as many pictures as needed to cover a particular category

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The shelf is then analysed and within minutes you will receive live reports for immediate corrective action in the store.

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We deliver both mobile & web reports that give an accurate view of your retail execution, competitive landscape & actionable business insights.

Extended Workforce Coverage

Our technology solutions can used by your workforce or we can provide an outsourced workforce. The choice is yours. Our outsourced workforce has:

  • Good coverage to work across Australia
  • Trained and expertise in retail research
  • Expertise in key categories
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Directed by retail experts

  • Using data collected from our tools and workforce, our Retail Gurus will work with you to formulate your category and brand strategy
  • Expertise in all retail related areas including distribution strategies, digital innovation, shopper marketing, marketing strategy, category strategy, customer/consumer insights and end to end business planning
  • Data and insights to optimise route to market and distribution strategies
  • Our experts will help you develop the right range & at the right place to win across all segments
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Integrated Insights

  • Data captured from the field via our tools and workforce can be combined with data from your CRM, ERP or BI application to provide rich insights
  • Examples of how these reports can be used include:
    • Tracking and improve store performance
    • Maintaining and optimising assortments to maximize sales and revenue, both at the aggregate and outlet level
    • Tracking Out of Stocks Overtime
    • Availability in outlets of new product releases
    • Promotion availability by category, brand, or best sellers
    • Share of shelf by linear sq. ft./m, facings, volume
    • .... and many others ...
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Winning at the Store

Gone are the days when Consumer Goods brands just need to focus about growing a brand. Today’s retail reality means that brands need to focus hard on ensuring they can execute their strategies effectively in the store. With the proliferation of product range and choice, shoppers are delaying their purchase decision later than ever before till the last second in the store.

This means that ensuring how your product is displayed and promoted in your retailer’s store is more important than ever. The right promotion, display, price can influence a shopper to your brand versus your competitor. Ensuring appropriate channel distribution and product assortment to store demographics is also critical.

At Wired2Cloud, we offer solutions to help your brand execute effectively in the store. From leading edge image recognition technology, extended workforce coverage, advice from retail gurus to best-in-class analytics solutions, we have a solution for you.

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Maximising Promotions

Like most Consumer Brands, you spend a big portion of your sales revenue goes on trade promotions.

Industry studies have shown that suggest that up to 70% of promotions are not profitable for brands.

Amongst the reasons why brands lose money in promotions include:

  • Promotional displays are not setup correctly
  • Price discounts not passed on to end consumer
  • Promoted products are out of stock in store
  • Avoid this happening to you! Wired2Cloud offers solutions to ensure your trade promotions are run correctly and profitably for your brand.

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Eyes in the Store

Are your telesales team flying blind when talking to customers? Do they know what products are stocked or appropriate for the store? Maximise the efficiency of your telesales team by giving them better visibility and ‘eyes in the store’.

We offer solutions using digital image recognition technologies to capture real life store and shelf conditions. Store and shelf information is captured via photographs by the field team which are shared with your telesales team.

Allow your telesales team to be proactive and to prompt customers of products to reorder based on shelf availability.

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Selling and Compliance

Like most brand owners, you have invested in a field marketing team to help drive retail sales. Whether you have gone down the inhouse or outsourced route for your field team, they are an invaluable resource to promote your brand and products.

However, are you making the full use of their invaluable time in store? Are your reps loved by your customers? Do they spend more time auditing or selling to the customer? Are they finding it hard playing good cop (selling) and bad cop (auditing/compliance) at the same time?

We can help you with the above challenges via our solutions, find out more about how to increase your field force effectiveness.

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